Portraits can be used to record important moments, your family or your business in the best possible way, not only for today, but for the future as well. 

As well as the modern high key portraits, you can choose to have low key, 'moody' style portraits, or the more traditional style posed portraits.

These lower key shots can often be more striking when done in black and white or sepia, or have the fun high key collage photographs of your children!

Why not try some of the modern high key portraits on a white background, which are very popular and which are designed to show the subjects in a more relaxed and informal manner than traditional style portraits, or the more atmospheric portraits on a dark or black background.

Environmental portraits photographed outdoors are also a very popular style for modern portraits.



And if you are having a new passport or driving license or similar identity document that requires a photograph, then we can also produce passport standard photographs as well (to UK and US passport standards).


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